• GET rest/listledgeraccounts/

      • Get a list of ledgeraccounts from the user's administration

This GET method allows you to retrieve a list of ledgeraccounts (Dutch: grootboekrekeningen) from the user’s administration.

  • Request
  • Response


FiscalYear Integer Details
Optional parameter to filter on fiscal year. If omitted we will return the ledgeraccounts for the latest fiscal year.
LedgerType String Details
Optional parameter to filter on ledgeraccounts. Possible values: BalanceSheet, IncomeStatement.

CURL Example


Number String More info
Ledgeraccount number
Name String More info
Ledgeraccount name
FiscalYear Boolean (true|false) More info
The fiscal year this ledgeraccount belongs to
LedgerType Float More info
Possible values: BalanceSheet and IncomeStatement
Countrycode String More info
Either NL or BE depending on the country of the users administration
DebetOrCredit String More info
For balance ledgeraccounts: debet = assets, credit = liabilities. For income statement ledger accounts: debet = costs, credit = revenue

Response JSON Example

The response order can vary from the parameter order above