• GET rest/listtaxcodes/

      • Get a list of tax codes from the user's administration

This GET method allows you to retrieve a list of tax codes as configured in the user’s administration.

  • Request
  • Response


CURL Example


TaxExempt Boolean (true|false) More info
Whether the tax booked on this tax code is exempt or not
TaxPc Float More info
The tax percentages as a number (example: 9.00 or 21.00)
TaxCode String More info
The tax code which is a combination of the tax name and the tax percentages. The tax code is used in other API endpoints as well to idenitfy a tax item.
Name String More info
A user-given name for this tax code
TaxType String More info
Either 'Purchase' or 'Sales'. Please note tax codes of type 'Purchase' can only be used for purchase endpoints (purchasetransactions). Tax codes of type 'Sales' can only be used with sales endpoints (salesinvoice, salestransaction, orders)

Response JSON Example

The response order can vary from the parameter order above