• PUT rest/updateorder/

      • Update a sales order

This PUT method allows you to update a few properties on existing orders in your Silvasoft administration.


  • If multiple orders are found for the given ordernumber, no order will be updated.
  • If an orderstatus is submitted, but the status is not present in your Silvasoft administration, the order will not be updated and you will receive an error response.
  • The response to the update action will be the updated order. For a response example and explanation on the response parameters, please see the endpoint ‘AddOrder’ as this will give a similar response.
  • You can omit a parameter to not update the field but maintain the original value.
  • Request
  • Response


OrderNumber Long Details
The order number to identify the order to be updated.
OrderNotes String Details
Custom order notes / order description
OrderStatus String Details
Optional orderstatus to be associated with the order. If a status is given but not present in your Silvasoft administration the request will thrown an exception.
OrderReference String Details
Order reference number or text (max. 150 characters)
HtmlAsPlainText Boolean (true|false) Details
Whether the response rich-text fields will be returned as plain text or not. Defaults to false.

CURL Example


Response JSON Example

The response order can vary from the parameter order above