• PUT rest/updaterelation/

      • Update a CRM relation

This PUT method allows you to update information for a CRM relation. The relation to be updated is identified by the ‘RelationGUID’ parameter.

Every relation has an unique identifier. Using the ListRelations endpoint you can extract the identifier for each relation.

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RelationGUID * Long Details
The unique identifier of the relation to be update
Email String Details
Relation e-mail address
Phone String Details
Relation phone number
RegistrationNumber String Details
This is the national registration number of the company. Only applies to business relations.
TaxIdentificationNumber String Details
Tax/VAT number without country code. Example: 123456789 or 12345678B01. Only applies to business relations.
Name String Details
Relation name. Only applies to business relations.
Address_City String Details
City of the correspondence address
Address_Street String Details
Street of the correspondence address
Address_PostalCode String Details
Postalcode of the correspondence address
Address_CountryCode String Details
ISO 3166 (A2) country code of the correspondence address
Address_Unit String Details
Unit number of the correspondence address
Address_UnitAppendix String Details
Unit number appendix. Examples: a, b, or suite c.
SupplierNumber Integer Details
If the relation is a supplier, this will be the suppliers number
CustomerNumber Integer Details
If the relation is a customer, this will be the relations customer number. Please note that this number must be unique in your administration.
IsSupplier Boolean (true|false) Details
Whether the relation is marked as suplier or not
IsCustomer Boolean (true|false) Details
Whether the relation is marked as customer or not
IsOther Boolean (true|false) Details
Whether the relation is marked as other relation or not
Relation_Contact Array Details
An JSON array with contact information to update the relation main contact. At the moment only one contact is supported.
Relation_Contact > Email String Details
Contact e-mail address
Relation_Contact > Phone String Details
Contact phonenumber
Relation_Contact > Sex String Details
Contact Sex (Man|Vrouw)
Relation_Contact > LastName String Details
Contact last name
Relation_Contact > FirstName String Details
Contact first name
Relation_Contact > ContactNotes String Details
Notes to be added to the contact
Relation_CustomField Array Details
An array of custom field values to add to the relation. Custom field with specified label must already be created in Silvasoft (CRM settings)
Relation_CustomField > Label String Details
The label of the custom field. This must match the label as specified in Silvasoft.
Relation_CustomField > FieldType String Details
The fieldtype. Must correspond with the field type as specified in Silvasoft. Possible field types: Integer, Date, Decimal, TextSmall, TextLarge, Hyperlink, Checkbox, List
Relation_CustomField > TypeOfRelation String Details
(optional) Type of relation. You only need to specify this if you have duplicate field names in your custom field configuration across customers, suppliers or other relations. Allowed values: Customer, Supplier, Other.
Relation_CustomField > IntValue Integer Details
If FieldType is Integer you can specify the integer value here
Relation_CustomField > DecimalValue Float Details
If FieldType is Decimal you can specify the decimal value here
Relation_CustomField > BooleanValue Boolean (true|false) Details
If FieldType is Checkbox you can specify the boolean value here
Relation_CustomField > StringValue String Details
If FieldType is TextSmall or TextLarge or List or Hyperlink you can specify the string value here
Relation_CustomField > DateTimeValue Date String (dd-MM-yyyy) Details
If FieldType is Date you can specify the date string here
Relation_BankAccount > IBAN String Details
The IBAN number for the bank account
Relation_BankAccount > SkipIBANCheck Boolean (true|false) Details
You can skip the IBAN check for the Iban number. In case the Iban check fails, this value will automatically turn to true.
Relation_BankAccount > UseForExcasso Boolean (true|false) Details
Wether the bank account should be used for in- and/or excasso
Relation_BankAccount > BIC String Details
Bank account BIC
Relation_BankAccount > Place String Details
Bank account place
Relation_BankAccount > Name String Details
Bank account name

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The response order can vary from the parameter order above