• POST rest/addorder/

      • Add a sales order

This POST method allows you to create a new order with multiple orderlines, associated to a customer.


  • Maximum 100 orderlines per order allowed.
  • If CustomerNumber is used to identify the customer, the number must be larger then zero. A zero value will be interpreted as empty.
  • If CustomerName is used to identify the customer and you have multiple customers with exactly the same name, we will use the first found match.
  • Request
  • Response


CustomerNumber ** Integer Details
The customer, identified by its customer number, to be associated with the order
CustomerName ** String Details
The customer, identified by its name, to be associated with the order
OrderDate Date String (dd-MM-yyyy) Details
The order date in format dd-MM-yyyy. (http://docs.oracle.com/javase/6/docs/api/java/text/SimpleDateFormat.html) Defaults to current date.
OrderNotes String Details
Custom order notes / order description
OrderDiscountPc Float Details
Discount % to be applied to the order
OrderReference String Details
Order reference number or text (max. 150 characters)
HtmlAsPlainText Boolean (true|false) Details
Whether the response rich-text fields will be returned as plain text or not. Defaults to false.
PackingSlipNotes String Details
Extra notes for the packing slip
Order_Orderline * Array Details
An JSON array of orderlines
Order_Orderline > ProductNumber ** String Details
The productnumber of the product to be associated with the orderline.
Order_Orderline > ProductEAN ** String Details
The product EAN code of the product to be associated with the orderline.
Order_Orderline > Quantity * Float Details
Quantity of items in this orderline
Order_Orderline > UnitPriceExclTax Float Details
Price per ordered unit
Order_Orderline > TaxPc * Float Details
Numeric representation of the tax % to be applied for this orderline. Please note that this percentage must be available within your Silvasoft administration.
Order_Orderline > SubTotalInclTax Float Details
The orderline subtotal, including taxes. When this parameter is set, the price per unit will be ignored and automatically calculated.
Order_Orderline > Description String Details
Orderline description

CURL Example


OrderTotalInclTax Float More info
The order total value, including taxes and optional discounts.
OrderNumber Integer More info
The automatically determined ordernumber
Order_Address Array More info
A JSON array of order addresses. At the moment this will never contain more then one address, which is the address selected for the order.
Order_Address > Address_CountryCode String More info
ISO 3166 (A2) country code of the order address
Order_Address > Address_PostalCode String More info
Postal / zip code
Order_Address > Address_Street String More info
Order_Address > Address_Unit String More info
Order_Address > Address_City String More info
Order_Address > Address_UnitAppendix String More info
Appendix (e.g. appartment/suite/floor) for the address unit
Order_Address > AddressType String More info
At the moment this will always return "OrderAddress"
Order_Contact Array More info
A JSON array of order contacts. At the moment this will contain the main order contact and the packingslip contact (if applicable).
Order_Contact > ContactType String More info
Order_Contact > FirstName String More info
Order_Contact > Phone String More info
Order_Contact > Email String More info
Order_Contact > Sex String More info
Contact sex (Man|Vrouw)
Order_Contact > LastName String More info
Order_Contact > ContactNotes String More info
Custom CRM notes associated with the contact
Order_Contact > DefaultContact Boolean (true|false) More info
Whether the contact is the relations main (default) contact.

Response JSON Example

The response order can vary from the parameter order above